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Woven labels

Jacquard labels, woven emblems, clothing tags

Our woven products are made of the highest quality polyester yarn, which guarantees their exceptional durability and high quality. The appearance of the final product is impacted by both quality of design of a pattern and its weaving. That’s why we work on the highest quality machines, and our design studio is equipped with specialized graphic programs used in the textile industry.

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Jacquard labels

Jacquard labels are used in all types of textile products. We can use them for both clothing, footwear, underwear, towels, bed linen as well as blankets, mattresses, and upholstered furniture.

Properly selected type of jacquard label and weaving technique will allow you to match the woven label style to your product.

Using the services of our company you will be able to choose from several types of density of jacquard labels:

Basic weaving technique in production of labels used usually to indicate size and care information or where high weaving density is not necessary.

Technique used for most jacquard labels. It gives a very good quality at a relatively low price.

This technique allows you to map all the details on the label very precisely. Used by manufacturers who want to distinguish their product with an excellent label.

SHD technology is aimed at the most demanding customers and where the detail quality and background color coverage must be perfect.

The technique used where the label will have direct contact with skin e.g. in shirts, blouses dresses. Labels made in this technique have a very soft edge and do not irritate skin.

The increased density of the HD level allows for better detail reproduction while retaining all the advantages of woven edges.

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Printed labels and tags

Printed labels and tags complement the jacquard clothing labels. A great solution where a lot of information is needed on a small area, like composition of raw materials in several languages, or detailed maintenance of the product. They can also be used to indicate size or as bar code labels.

Printed labels can be one-sided or double-sided. They can also be single-color or multicolored.

Based on type of material, we can distinguish the following printed labels:

If you need an individual design

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Woven emblems

Woven emblems are an excellent alternative to all kinds of embroidered patches.

Where there is a need for very high accuracy in detail reproduction, this technique works perfectly. We recommend it for children’s clothing, sportswear, workwear and protective clothing, as well as for emblems of sports clubs, associations, and coats of arms.

We can list the following types of woven labels:

Products and services

Clothing labels

Clothing labels are the most popular type of jacquard labels. Every company that manufactures clothing or textiles puts its logo on a jacquard label.

Jacquard labels are used in all types of clothing, from exclusive clothes to sportswear. A variety of weaving and packaging techniques allows you to choose the right label for any type of clothing.

With regard to the application of clothing labels, we can divide them as follows:

Types of packaging

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