About us

About us

We are a family-owned company operating on the textile market since 1989. During more than 30 years of operation, we have repeatedly expanded our machine park as well as the number of employees. We started with 4 people on board and currently employ more than 70 people.

Our origins date back to the late 1980s and the beginnings of capitalism in Poland. We built our company from scratch, struggling like all entrepreneurs starting at that time with lack of capital but with countless deposits of enthusiasm.

The history of our Company is also the story of our customers many of whom are with us from the very beginning until today. It is also the story of our employees who with 20, 25 or even 30 years of experience continue to build a common history of Tawo.

Starting our business, we specialized in computer embroidery to expand our business after a few years with the production of jacquard labels, which are now our main activity.

The level of technical sophistication and new technologies has allowed us to become a market leader. Our customers are the largest and most demanding clothing and textile companies. Thanks to constant investment in technology and focus on investigating the changing needs of the market, we have gained the position of a reliable business partner among many Polish and foreign companies. We are ready to cooperate with your company and open to any new challenges.

From the first days of our activity, the priority for us was precision of execution as well as timely delivery, because these two aspects translate into quality and value added for our customers. As a service provider, we are aware of the important role played by the customer in the execution process and therefore we put great focus on individual approach to our customers.

At the end every single order has its history that is important to us. It shows the process of ordering jacquard labels at Tawo. From the receipt of the order, through the preparation of the design, weaving, finishing, to shipping to the customer.

We operate in the textile and clothing industry as a manufacturer of tags, tapes, and jacquard patches. Our second division is embroidery where we provide services for clothing, footwear and advertising companies.

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