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Advertising embroidery, emblems and labels, embroidery on clothing, sacred embroidery

Embroidery is one of the most important branches of the textile industry. Thanks to advanced technology, we can mark, upgrade and decorate clothing and footwear. Embroidery is also one of the most popular methods of advertising in marketing campaigns using hats and t-shirts.

Products and services

Advertising embroidery

Advertising embroidery is very popular in marketing campaigns as well as in corporate wear and team apparel. By placing the company logo on the clothing used by employees, we increase the prestige of the company and at the same time imprint the logo in the minds of customers.

By placing the logo on hats, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, aprons, we get increased level of advertising for the company. Moreover the embroidered logo on the workwear identifies the employee with the company.

Advanced technology allows you to perform embroidery on any material at the same time keeping it very durable (it does not discolor during washing).

Products and services

Emblems and patches

We make emblems and patches in any shape and size. Patches and emblems can be made directly on clothing or to be sewed-on. We also offer technology for making emblems and patches to be ironed-on.

Additionally the construction of emblems on velcro which are very popular with security companies and other uniformed services.

Products and services

Embroidery on clothing

We perform the embroidery service directly on the clothing or on the provided blanks before sewing.

This type of service is aimed directly at companies producing clothing and footwear.

Products and services

Sacred embroidery

We have machines with a large embroidery surface that is perfectly suitable for sacred embroidery designs.

We work directly with manufacturers of sacred clothing and have a lot of experience in this type of embroidery.

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