ProMaTap 2014

This year’s 7th edition of the exhibition and seminar conference ProMaTap took place in the Halls of Toya Studios in Łódź, from 19-20 September. The motto of “How to design / How to make / How to sell” speaks a lot about the nature and priorities of this industry meeting.

ProMaTap is more than just a traditional trade show. The meeting goes beyond the standard formula of fair expositions. It allows to acquire and expand knowledge related to the upholstery industry. Among the most important topics discussed this year were: the latest trends in the upholstered furniture industry, innovative solutions to improve their production, the role of modern marketing in furniture sales and future design trends.

Everyone who met at the end of September in Łódź – i.e. recognized suppliers of technology, machines, equipment, materials and accessories for production, as well as manufacturers of upholstered furniture, mattresses and car upholstery, and furniture designers – had the opportunity to listen to the presentations of Tawo and companies such as Gerber, TopSolution, Hettich, Amann, Elmatex, Saba and Bizea.

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