Jacquard woven labels have a wide use in the textile industry as a form of marking and decorating garments, shoes and many other product groups.



Our labels are weft with best quality polyester yarn which results in extraordinary durability and high quality of the products. The production process starts with the designing and this stage as well as the weaving stage have impact on the label's look. That is why we use machines of highest quality and our designing studio is equiped in professional graphic software widely used in textile industry.

Being up to date with latest weaving techniques we are able to offer a wide range of weaving designs as well as diversity of label forms and jacquard ribbons. We offer labels with hot cut edges and woven, soft selvedges. At TAWO you may order:



jacquard labels


jacquard tapes

  • single density
  • double density
  • double density HD


  • tapes for lanyards
  • hot/ultrasonic cut tapes



There are many options of finishing labels:



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